Wildgust Farm


Urban Farm. Organic Methods. Sacramento, California.

Our Passions

Medicinal Herbs

Plants offer powerful medicines. We respect that and grow our medicinal herbs with organic practices, supporting the plants and sustaining the soil for seasons to come. Wildgust herbs are vibrant with medicine, color…and yes, sometimes a bite or two from a critter. That’s organic folks.

Delightful Produce

Growing sweet, delicious, and nutritious food right out of the ground brings us boundless joy. Walking through the fields and biting into a fresh, sun-warmed melon, well, there is nothing like it. That’s why we select a few of our favorite seasonal crops to grow—just to share with you.


When spring bursts forth into blossom, we are enamored by every spectacular petal. Our current curiosity, is growing different varieties of flowers—no end-game—just for the sake of growing something beautiful. But eventually, we hope they’ll wind up brightening your day, as they do ours.

In the Field

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